I am a Loan Officer for a mortgage company who specializes in closing renovation mortgages. I have worked with Kyle Drake with Sensible Home Solutions as my main contractor for the past few years. I am very cautious whom I refer out since it is my name on the line. I have found over the years that he is great to work with as a contractor. What you can expect with Kyle is an educated, well-spoken person who has a good history of doing what he says, and not taking advantage of customers, which is hard to come by with a contractor. I also used Kyle as my personal contractor to remodel my entire home. I have been very pleased with the extensive remodel job that was completed on my house. Throughout my time working with Kyle I have sent him customers with all types of different jobs, and Sensible Home Solutions always seems to have the resources to complete the job no matter what is involved. I find him to be very conservatively priced when comparing him to other quotes I have seen my customers get over the years.